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TiVo Experience Coming Soon

The TiVo experience instantly gives you total control of the TV programming you love, and much more! TiVo gives you access to an entire universe of TV shows, On Demand movies, plus streaming video services like Netflix and YouTube to just about anywhere in your home! Plus with the TiVo voice remote you can use your voice to change channels and search across live, recorded and streaming TV, to find what you want to watch quickly, simply and easily.


My Shows

Find. Watch. Repeat. All of your recordings and streaming videos appear in the My Shows list. OnePass gathers every episode of a series available anywhere and adds them all right to your My Shows list. Now you can watch a series from beginning to end, or start on any episode or season you want. If it's not available on TV or On Demand, OnePass fills the gaps with episodes from providers like Netflix.


The SmartBar – Ready When You Are

The SmartBar, located at the bottom of the Home screen, predicts shows to watch based on what your household usually watches at a particular time or day. For example, if you normally watch the previous night's late-night talk show the next morning, you'll see it in the SmartBar when you wake up. If the kids tend to watch shows while dinner's cooking those shows will be waiting in the SmartBar at that time each day.


Ask for what you want

Ask for what you want The TiVo voice remote is the only remote that lets you speak in natural language and gives you the flexibility to narrow your search results as you go. Search for shows, tune to a channel, ask for recommendations…its' all at your fingertips.

To issue a voice command press and hold the VOICE button and speak naturally into the remote. You can say things like "Watch Game of Thrones", or Fast forward three minutes" or "Launch Netflix" or "Find some action movies." You can even add on your initial command to get more specific. For example, after the command, "Find some action movies," you could add "Just ones with James Bond."



Seek And You Shall Find

Only the TiVo experience offers fully integrated search. No other device instantly scans across all TV programming, On Demand, and streaming video apps to find exactly what you want. If like an entertainment search engine presenting you with a list of great options, so there's almost nothing you can't start watching in seconds.

Search by show title, episode title, show description, or person name. The TiVo service searches all of your video sources at the same time. You can even search for a particular channel by its network name or call sign (e.g. ABC or HBO).


Video Apps - Everything With One Remote

When you search or browse for movies or individual episodes of series, your results include videos available to stream from your selected video apps such as Netflix, HBO GO and more, no need to switch to a different input.


Advanced On Demand

With TiVo On Demand, browse poster art to find a movie or TV show to watch instantly. The easy to navigate menus enable you to discover the content you want to watch.


Be In Control With The SECV TiVo Mobile App

Control your TV remotely, as well as search, browse and explore others on your mobile device using the SECV TiVo app!

• Watch Live TV and On Demand from your home

• Browse current listings and What to Watch

• Manage OnePass selections and the To Do List.

Download the free SECV app from the Apple or Google Play stores.