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Understanding Your Monthly Statement

Not sure what is what on your monthly statement?

Your account with us is assigned a specific billing "cycle" period, always starting on the same day each month. Your monthly billing statement will be similar to the example shown.

1. Our local address

2. Date bill was produced

3. Your SECV Service account number

4. Our phone number

5. Your service or billing address

6. Summary of charges and payments

7. Date payment is due

8. Additional information and messages

9. Date your statement was produced

10. Your SECV Service account number

11. Your name and service or billing address

12. Amount due this statement

13. Date payment is due

14. Payment amount

15. Payment return address

16. Account detail

17. Previous balance

18. Payments

19. Monthly charges

20. Taxes, fees & surcharges

21. Amount due this statement

22. Update Billing Address (Optional)