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All High-Speed Internet packages require a cable modem. Actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. SECV offers unlimited data plans. However, SECV does monitor data usage at all hours, and its customers have agreed to ensure that their activities do not improperly restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other user's use of the service or SECV's ability to deliver and monitor the service, or SECV network resources. If determined through data monitoring that a customer's data usage has strained the ability of the network to perform optimally for other users then SECV reserves the right granted by the FCC to deploy network management tools that may affect that customer's Internet performance for a temporary period of time.

All rates are subject to change. PA sales tax applicable to some rates and fees. Installation fees may apply. Services not available in all areas. Check with your Service Electric Cablevision (SECV) representative for potential limitations and all terms and conditions of the SECV Customer Agreements. Other restrictions may apply.