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eero Whole-Home WiFi System

Life’s too short for bad WiFi. Replace your router and blanket your whole home with fast reliable WiFi powered by eero.

It’s not you, it’s your router

Dead spots, buffering, endless reboots? These are all symptoms of traditional routers and range extenders, and why it’s so tough to work, play and stream in every room of your home. eero uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to cover every nook and cranny of your home with powerful and reliable WiFi.


Includes one eero Pro + one eero beacon

Designed for any home

The eero Pro is a powerful tri-band router that is the hub of your connections.

It is designed for wired and wireless connectivity to fit anywhere in your home. eero Beacons expand your coverage. They plug into any outlet, to expand coverage to every spot in your home and are perfect for bedrooms, hallways and kitchens.

To Order:

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Total control of your WiFi network

The eero app gives you total control over your wireless Internet experience. Check your network status, pause access on any device on your network, run speed tests, create separate guest networks and more.

eero Secure

Add eero Secure for only $9.95/month to combine the best security features and tools into one subscription to keep your personal information and devices safe.

  • Advanced protection against online threats for all the devices on your network
  • Ad Block to remove ads from websites and applications
  • SafeSearch to feel rest assured that Google search results are appropriate
  • Content Filtering to set profile-specific filters against different types of content
  • Accounts for security apps including 1Password,, and Malwarebytes