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On Demand allows you to watch more shows, movies, and events than ever before, and it's all at your fingertips with your remote control.

Enjoy TV on your schedule from the comfort of your home. Plus it's FREE with Digital Cable. On Demand is the new definition of convenience!


  • Free On Demand: Includes over 5,000 titles of FREE programs updated monthly. Choose from your favorite shows, kid programs, events, concerts, and more!

  • Movies On Demand: Forget about driving to the video store and order what you want from your remote control. Save time and money without leaving your home. Hundreds of movies are available from new releases to classic favorites. Find the perfect movie for your mood.

  • Premium On Demand: Brings you your favorite movies and shows in an instant. If you subscribe to HBO, Showtime/The Movie Channel, Starz/Encore, and/or Cinemax through Service Electric Digital Cable you automatically receive the channel(s) on On Demand.

  • Subscription On Demand: Offers unique interests with the same control. Enjoy The Karaoke Channel,The Anime Network and more...

  • Access to Help and Tutorials: Gives you 24/7 access to tutorials that assist with setting up and using the i-Guide, DVR, On Demand, and more!


  • Watch Shows, Movies, and Events without Leaving the House

  • Start Watching a Program in One Room and Continue Where You Left Off in Another

  • Tons of FREE Content Updated Monthly

  • Growing List of Channels with On Demand Programming

  • Access to the Latest Movie Rental Releases

  • Order Special Events - WWE, UFC, Live Concerts, etc.

  • Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind Functions

  • FREE with Digital Cable Service

  • Access to Help and Tutorials


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